Friday, August 31, 2012

8051 MCU architecture

Silicon Labs’ 8-bit MCUs are based on a patented implementation of the 8051 instruction set architecture designed to maximize instruction throughput while retaining complete object code compatibility. The result is a ‘hard wired’ implementation of the 8051 MCU CPU, as opposed to the original micro-coded version. The instruction set is mapped to a basic two-stage pipeline to increase throughput while maintaining an 8-bit program memory width. The result is a high-performance 8051 MCU architecture that executes most instructions within 1 or 2 clock cycles and delivers 20 to 25 times the performance of the original 8051 core. Delivering up to 100 MIPS peak throughput, Silicon Labs’ 8-bit 8051 MCUs can satisfy the performance needs of many embedded applications more economically than costlier MCUs. We can crack all kinds of C8051 MCU.
Part of the decryption model are as follows:C8051F000 C8051F001 C8051F002 C8051F005 C8051F006 C8051F007 C8051F010 C8051F011 C8051F012 C8051F015 C8051F016 C8051F017 C8051F018 C8051F019 C8051F020 C8051F021 C8051F022 C8051F023 C8051F040 C8051F041 C8051F042 C8051F043 C8051F044 C8051F045 C8051F046 C8051F047 C8051F060 C8051F061 C8051F062 C8051F063 C8051F064 C8051F065 C8051F067 C8051F206 C8051F220 C8051F221 C8051F226 C8051F230 C8051F231 C8051F236 C8051F310 C8051F311 C8051F312 C8051F313 C8051F314 C8051F315 C8051F320 C8051F321 C8051F330 C8051F331 C8051F320 C8051F340 C8051F350 C8051F360 C8051F410 C8051F01XC8051F02X C8051F1XX C8051F2XX C8051F3XX C8051F4XX C8051F7XX C8051F9XX…Because C8051F single-chip microcomputer type is various, C8051 MCU decryption are constantly updated , not listed above model please contact us, for the new model can test chip decryption.