Friday, September 14, 2012

SupePro 501S N4 Cluster

SupePro 501S N4 Cluster is composed of x4 units of our newest

and fastest SuperPro 501S programmer w/ 4 pieces of 512 CF

cards. As a SuperPro 501S N*Cluster owner, users get two

programmers packaged into one! SuperPro 501S N*Cluster owners,

have the benefit of using it as:

1. A universal programmer for engineering application.
2. Secondly, as a manufacturing programmer for volume


For production operation, Superpro 501S N*Cluster operates in

stand-alone (without a PC attached) mode. Each unit supports

manufacturers including EPROM, EEPROM and Flash memory, PIC, AVR

and other popular microcontrollers and PLDs. By operating

multiple programmers simultaneously you can use them in high

volume production environment.

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