Thursday, October 11, 2012

R5F2L357CNFP Key Features

Key Features:

5 MHz operation at 1.8 V supply voltage, and 20 MHz operation

from 2.7 V available
8-bit Multifunction Timer with 8-bit prescaler (Timer RA and

RB): 2
16-bit Input Capture/Output Compare Timer (Timer RC, RD, RG): 4
8-bit Real-Time Clock Timer with compare match function (Timer

RE): 1
UART/Clock Synchronous Serial Interface: 3 channels
I2C-bus Interface/Synchronous Serial Communication Unit: 1

LIN Module: 1 channel (Timer RA, UART0)
10-bit A/D Converter: 10 channels
8-bit D/A Converter: 2
Comparator: 2
LCD Drive Control Circuit
Bias: 1/2, 1/3
Duty: Static, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4
Common output: Max. 4 pins
Segment output: Max. 24 pins
Voltage multiplier and dedicated regulator integrated.
DTC (Data Transfer Controller) : 1 channel
Watchdog Timer
Clock Generating Circuits: XIN Clock Oscillation Circuit, On-

chip Oscillator (High/Low Speed), XCIN Clock Oscillation Circuit
Low Power Consumption Modes
Standard Operating Mode (Clock (High/Low speed), On-chip

Oscillator (High/Low speed))
Wait Mode, Stop mode, Power-Off Mode
Oscillation Stop Detection
Voltage Detection Circuit
Power-on Reset Circuit
I/O Ports: 41 (incl. LED drive ports)
External Interrupt Pins: 9
Data Flash with Background Operation (BGO) function : 4 KB
Please refer to Product Specifications for details on each


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